I am an isotope geochemist with research interests focused on Precambrian geology, water-rock interaction and high-precision triple O-isotope measurements. My current research projects investigate the connection between the crustal processes and the surface conditions of the early Paleoproterozoic (ca. 2.4 Ga). I measure δD, δ17O and δ18O in sedimentary and hydrothermally altered rocks to investigate interaction between the rocky Earth’s crust and the hydrosphere. My research involves applying triple oxygen isotope and in situ measurements to reconstructing surface water signatures and temperature of water-rock reactions. The analytical endeavors include laser fluorination high-precision gas source mass spectrometer and secondary ion probe measurements. My field work has taken me to Russian Karelia, Scottish Highlands and Iceland.

I did my undergraduate degree at the Russian State Geological Prospecting University in Moscow studying general and economic geology with specific focus on geochemical and mineralogical characterization of ore deposits. My PhD was conducted at the University of Oregon under supervision of Dr. Ilya Bindeman. For my postdoctoral research, I am investigating Archean sedimentary record at the SwissSIMS laboratory of the University of Lausanne. See my CV.